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United States Dollars (USD) 120.00 124..00
United Kingdom Pound (GBP) 146.50 153.00
Euro (EUR) 127 132
Switzerland Francs (CHF) 119 125
Australia Dollars (AUD) 81.50 86.00

Last Updated on: June 29, 2022 2:35 pm

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    About Us

    Trade Bureau De Change Ltd is an independent foreign currency exchange that specialize in offering our customers a fast, reliable and hassle-free service. We have been operating since 1993 in the heart of Nairobi and stock all the major currencies.
    We offer our customers very competitive rates and are more than happy to quote against any corporate structure. As well as being able to buy and sell currencies we also offer our customers a money remit service whereby we can send money abroad in different countries again at very competitive rates.

    What We Do

    Currency Exchange

    We convert currencies from one to another at the best rates. You will save a lot of time and money. Also, you can order online and come to collect it in your nearest branch

    Money Remittance

    Get started with the fastest and most secure way to transfer money. Get your money where it needs to be at the speed of light. Easily send and receive money.

    Our Locations

    Kilimani Mall

    Kilimani Mall First Floor, Shop F06, Tigoni Road, P.O Box 218-00610, Nairobi, Kenya.

    ST. Ellis House

    St. Ellis House Ground Floor, City Hall Way, P.O Box 218-00610, Nairobi, Kenya.

    Madinah Mall

    Madinah Mall First Floor, First avenue, P.O Box 218-00610, Nairobi, Kenya